Information for Faculty


As a faculty proctor you will be asked to perform 10 to 15 individual assessments on senior vascular residents or fellows performing a variety of open vascular and endovascular simulated procedures using state-of-the art high fidelity virtual reality and flow-based simulators.  Multiple procedure-specific quantitative and qualitative assessment metrics will be utilized to assess the performance of the residents and fellows including the following: Critical Task Checklists, Global Rating Scale Scores, Global Rating Scale Summary, Task Completion Times and Critical Time Measurements.  Using these metrics you are asked to provide immediate feedback to the vascular resident or fellow following completion of the simulated procedure.  You will also be asked to determine if the resident or fellow achieved a passing or failing performance score for each procedure performed. Scoring will be based on format similar to that used for the Vascular Surgery Oral Certifying Examination.


Our educational program is made possible by the generosity of our industry partners through use of unrestricted educational grants.  AVSSAP coordinators will pre-book your hotel accommodations at the The Townsend Hotel for arrival Wednesday – departure Saturday. If you are local, do not require accommodation, or if you are here for only partial days, please let us know, so your reservation can be adjusted.  Faculty will be reimbursed for travel expenses.  We will also provide transportation to and from the hotel to the Surgical Learning Institute each day, and meals during the program.